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Recorder Info

            The new school year is here and I am so excited for your 5th grader. This semester we will be learning how to read music and play the recorder.  The recorder is a plastic, flute-like instrument that works wonderfully as a first instrument.  The music reading skills that we will learn can be applied not only to all instruments, but voice (singing) as well.  Research shows that music enhances ALL aspects of learning, keeps us mentally alert and focused, and positively effects mood.

            Please send $5 (five dollars) in an envelope marked with your child’s name, homeroom teacher’s name, and the word “Recorder.” I will be ordering the recorders online this year and will have them shipped to school for your child’s music class. If you prefer, you may purchase the recorder yourself at “Matt’s Music” which is a little store behind the post office on Hwy 165 in Monroe.  However, they charge $10 per recorder, so I am getting them for the students elsewhere at a much cheaper price.

**Deadline for recorder purchase is Friday, August 30, 2019.  Since I have to order them all together, this deadline will be strictly observed**

If your child already has a recorder, they are welcome to bring it to use during music time. If you do not purchase a recorder or send one from home your child will be using one of my sanitized classroom instruments. All recorders will be kept at school so that they will be available at class time until the end of the semester.  At the end of the semester, purchased or brought recorders (not my personal classroom instruments) will be sent home.

I am very much looking forward to working with your child to discover the joy of making and creating music! This is going to be a great semester!

Thank you for your support,


Leigh Ann Gulley, Music Teacher