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3rd Grade Distance Learning

Welcome to Distance Learning Music Class!


Click on the link below and follow the instructions! Have fun and make some music!

3rd Grade Lesson One –

Lesson One Objectives:

  • I can read, create and perform a rhythm in 3/4 meter.
  • I can read and perform music with with high do.
  • I can write a response to the music of Strauss using musical terminology.
  • I can tell what Strauss was famous for..


3rd Grade Lesson Two –

Lesson Two Objectives: 

  • I can read and sing a drm sl song.
  • I can create movement.
  • I can listen and respond to music.


3rd Grade Lesson Three –

Lesson Three Objectives: 

  • I can sing an ostinato
  • I can sing a song in solfa using mi-re-do
  • I can use speaking, whisper, shouting, and singing voices


3rd Grade Lesson Four –

Lesson Four Objectives:

  • I can sing and do actions.
  • I can use dynamics in music.
  • I can use different tempos in music.


3rd Grade Lesson Five –

Lesson Five Objectives: 

  • I can sing do-mi-so patterns in a game and in a song.
  • I can describe a Mariachi.
  • I can sing a Spanish game song.


3rd Grade Lesson Six –

Lesson Six Objectives: 

  • I can sing and improvise rhythms.
  • I can sing a lullaby.
  • I can move scarves to music.
  • I can define fermata.