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4th Grade Distance Learning

Welcome to Distance Learning Music Class!


Click on the link below and follow the instructions! Have fun and make some music!


4th Grade Lesson One –

Lesson One Objectives:

  • I can identify do, re, mi, sol, and la.
  • I can create and perform an ostinato.
  • I can describe music by a Baroque composer.


4th Grade Lesson Two –

Lesson Two Objectives:

  • I can read songs with 16th note rhythms.
  • I can create and perform an ostinato.
  • I can create a rhythm composition.
  • I can analyze and compare mood in two songs.


4th Grade Lesson Three –

Lesson Three Objectives:

  • I can sing songs.
  • I can read, perform, and create rhythms using ta, ti-ti, and too-oo.
  • I can sing, move, and clap at different tempos.


4th Grade Lesson Four –

Lesson Four Objectives:

  • I can sing a song about Earth Day.
  • I can respond to a piece of music by Handel.
  • I can tell about the dynamics in a piece of music.


4th Grade Lesson Five –

Please do not worry, when you click the link it will say Lesson 7, however this will be OUR lesson 5.

Lesson Five Objectives:

  • I can create movement to music
  • I can create or improvise rhythms
  • I can read and sing do re mi sl la melodies


4th Grade Lesson Six –

Lesson Six Objectives:

  • I can echo 16th note rhythms.
  • I can sing a partner song.
  • I can create movement to a song with a ball.