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5th Grade Distance Learning

Welcome to Distance Learning Music Class!


Click on the link below and follow the instructions! Have fun and make some music!


5th Grade Lesson One –

Lesson One Objectives:

  • I can define and perform a variety of tempos..


5th Grade Lesson Two –

Lesson Two Objectives:

  • I can define and use dynamics in music.


5th Grade Lesson Three –

Lesson Three Objectives:

  • I can read and create with ti-ta-ti rhythms.


5th Grade Lesson Four –

Lesson Four Objectives:

  • I can create a B section with speech and an ostinato with mouth sounds.
  • I can sing a song for Earth Day.
  • I can compare musical performances.


5th Grade Lesson Five –

Lesson Five Objectives:

  • I can read and create with 8th-16th note rhythms.
  • I can sing the Silly Sailor song.
  • I can do a dance to a song.


5th Grade Lesson Six –

Lesson Six Objectives:

  • I can identify instruments used in a piece by Beethoven.
  • I can describe rondo form.
  • I can define and use tempo terms in music.
  • I can tell when music is major or minor.