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How to Clean Your Touchscreen Chromebook

Picture of a student at a computer.

**Please follow the guidlines below when cleaning your Chromebook to avoid damage and/or voiding the warranty.


To clean the touchscreen: If your child is using clean, dry hands with his Chromebook as he/she should, a dry microfiber cloth should be all you need to gently wipe down the screen. If you must use a wet wipe, take care to ONLY use products approved for touchscreen use. We use Quill brand wipes here at the school. Do NOT use abrasive towels, paper towels, or anything that could scratch or harm the touchscreen. 


To clean and disinfect the keyboard and body, you may use a DAMP disinfectant wipe. Do NOT use the disinfectant wipe on the touchscreen. Please take time to wring out any excess liquid from the wipe before you use it on the keyboard and take care to avoid damaging any stickers and/or labeling as you clean the surface.