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1st Grade Distance Learning

Welcome to Distance Learning Music Class!


Click on the link below and follow the instructions! Have fun and make some music!


1st Grade Lesson One –

Lesson One Objectives:

  • I can sing and move to music
  • I can perform and identify high and low.
  • I can read and perform rhythm patterns.


1st Grade Lesson Two –

Lesson Two Objectives:

  • I can move to the beat
  • I can tell how many sounds are on a beat
  • I can tell if music is high or low, loud or quiet, fast or slow


1st Grade Lesson Three –

Lesson Three Objectives: 

  • I can sing a song using solfege
  • I can echo the rhythm of a song
  • I can sing loud and quiet (soft)


1st Grade Lesson Four –

Lesson Four Objectives:

  • I can sing do-mi-so patterns and do-mi-so in a song.
  • I can create movement to a song.
  • I can imagine hens and roosters when I'm listening.


1st Grade Lesson Five –

Please do not worry, when you click the link it will say Lesson 7, however this will be OUR lesson 5.

Lesson Five Objectives:

  • I can sing and do actions.
  • I can move to show how the music goes.


1st Grade Lesson Six –

Lesson Six Objectives: 

  • I can read the rhythms and sing solfa notes.
  • I can sing the song and play the game “Old Dog Full of Fleas.”
  • I can create a word rhythm.