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4th Grade - 5th Grade


The links listed below will be helpful as your child begins using technology such as Chromebooks, Kindles, and Ipads on a weekly basis. He/She will be learning the following skills, both in the computer lab and in the classroom, and you can help by reinforcing them at home:

  • How to start and shut down computer
  • How to log on with username/password and log off
  • Open and close programs
  • Open and close programs/assignments within Google Classroom
  • Switch between two or more programs
  • Reinforce the use of homerow 
  • Increase WMP through touchtyping
  • Troubleshoot common issues
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of word processing, functions, and proofreading
  • Use proper terminology
  • Basic Word Processing Skills
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Internet Safety